Kawasaki Indoor Bike Cover - Medium

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Soft polypropylene motorcycle cover, to protect your motorcycle from dust and other small particles. The breathable membrane allows the continuous circulation of air.
Features a belly strap as well as an elastic band to ensure the cover stays in place.

Size M, fits:
2020 Z650L, 2021 Ninja 400, 2021 Ninja 650, 2021 Ninja 650L, 2021 Ninja 650L SE, 2021 Z400, 2021 Z650L, 2021 Z650L SE, Ninja 400 2020, Ninja 650 2020, Ninja 650L 2020, Ninja ZX-6R 2020, Z400 2020, 2013 NINJA ZX-6R ABS (636), ER650, ER6N, EX650FDS NINJA 650R ABS, Ninja 400, NINJA 650, NINJA 650 ABS, NINJA 650L (LAMS), NINJA 650L (LAMS) ABS, NINJA 650L (LAMS) KRT EDITION, NINJA 650L ABS, NINJA 650R, NINJA 650R ABS, NINJA 650RL (LAMS), NINJA 650RL (LAMS) ABS, NINJA ZX-10RR, NINJA ZX-6R, NINJA ZX-6R (599), NINJA ZX-6R (636) NON ABS, NINJA ZX-6R ABS (636), NINJA ZX-6R ABS (636) SE, NINJA ZX6R, NINJA ZX6R (LIME), NINJA ZX6R SPECIAL, NINJA ZX6RR, W800, W800 Cafe, W800 SE, W800 SE Black Edition, Z400, Z650L, Z650L (LAMS), ZX-6R 636 Non ABS, ZX600RDF ZX-6R